The Why And How on Using Vinegar In Your Home

Look it may not smell good, that’s for sure! Vinegar is not that lovely “leave my home smelling linen fresh” cleaner, right? However, vinegar IS one of the best things you can use in your home as an all purpose cleaner.

Most of the cleaning lines on the market shelves contain synthetic
chemicals that have nasty odors or they smell pleasant and THAT, my friends, is a way to hide even more chemicals to cleaners (I want to put a pin in that and come back later though). The health risks for most of those cleaners are high, especially the people with allergies or sensitive skin. Don’t be dismayed, there are alternatives and safer options.

What makes this so powerful?
The reason it is so effective is because vinegar is a natural by-product of plant fermentation. It’s an acid and acids are powerful things for breaking down particles. The low pH and acetic acid reduce growth of microorganisms not to mention the benefits of some essential oils which can act as antibacterial, antiviral, and even antifungal remedies. This makes vinegar an effective tool at breaking down grease, soap scum, mineral deposits, calcium, mold, and bacteria. These are usually the typical household stain makers. The acid in the vinegar also reduces bacteria growth because it’s an antiseptic! So right now, mid pandemic, use all the tools you have to stay on top of keeping your home clean.

“Try adding some essential oils to your multi purpose vinegar cleaner. That way all you have after the vinegar smell fades is a lovely citrus smell or a nice lemongrass scent.”

What’s in the mix?
It’s as simple as a 2:1 ratio! What does that mean to you? For example fill the bottle ⅔ way of vinegar and ⅓ of the way with water. DUMP IN THE OILS. It may take around 15-25 drops so be liberal. That is really it you guys. Clean to your hearts content (or until your arms get too
tired!) I also recommend that you use a glass bottle when you add essential oils because some of the oils may be considered “hot” therefore they increase breakdown of the plastic bottles. If possible, use a glass bottle that may even be tinted dark. Store in a dark place to

Arsenal of Essential Oils
What an amazing tool this super cheap product is! Some people may be turned off by the smelly vinegar but it doesn’t really linger. The scent is gone in a couple of minutes but if it really irritates you then try adding some essential oils to your multi purpose vinegar cleaner. That way all you have after the vinegar smell fades is a lovely citrus smell or a nice lemongrass scent. It’s unreal, this cleaner is more powerful than most any cleaner out there for a fraction of the price and you can make it in bulk so have one everywhere you need it.

Now, let me say I LOVE ESSENTIAL OILS (I am team DoTerra but there are plenty great lines now) Presently, I have them in every room of my home. I love them and I trust them but I know their limitations. That said, I also know the vast benefits of oils. There are so many that can truly help – especially when it comes to cleaning. Below is a list of my favorites:

TEA TREE, CLOVE, LAVENDER, THYME, EUCALYPTUS, CLOVE are all Antimicrobial/Antibacterial/Antiviral Some are even antimicrobial.

ORANGE, GRAPEFRUIT, LEMON each has its own superpower from degreaser, air freshener, disinfectant!
Do your due diligence and search the web for what cleaning issue you want to solve. There are tons of resources and so many oil combos.